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The bride buys marriage gauze to want to notice three trap
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Trap 1: Hire more expensive than buying
Pieces the reporter's friend is young, the plan will work in June, the closest first class important matter is gauze of marriage of choose and buy. Feel to buy marriage gauze expensive, but it is not cheap also to ask to hire marriage gauze. "The price drive up of gauze of date general marriage went to the name that building of shadow of gauze of a lot of marriage makes and so on of Taiwan replenish onr's stock in succession 1000 yuan even 10 thousand yuan.


At this point, the expert reminds newlywed person, although there is no lack of on the market,have true manual marriage gauze, but the marriage gauze that a lot of marriage celebrate a company also is to come from city of terminal market, photography, also do not cross 100 yuan into valence, consumer cuts what Wu has blind faith in an entrance blindly to say when the choose and buy. The price of marriage gauze basically is with dress material, design, manual, Lei Sihua edge and set bead will distinguish. For instance, the marriage gauze like two styles, one is neat ground, one is small pull end, have 300 yuan of price difference of the left and right sides; If be to pull end greatly, even expensive 200 yuan - 300 yuan.

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Trap 2: Simple manual fact is mimic
Miss Li is very yearning have an unforgettable wedding, marriage gauze nature should buy those who belong to his. The marriage gauze that Miss Li feels direct to buy often shoulds not personally, thought of to have something made to order then. But the expert warns customer, feature of Beijing's at present special marriage gauze production is very little, the carry after factory of and other places of Guangdong, Fujian has been done goes to Beijing gauze of a lot of marriage. A personage inside course of study discloses, most marriage celebrates place of inn of gauze of company, marriage to say from area of Shanghai or our country Hong Kong, Taiwan direct replenish onr's stock, actually the majority is the mimic of Guangdong Dongguan and other places.

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