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Ripe female how with " new bad man " get along
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Can mutate like virus, the meeting is developmental, the man also is being adjusted ceaselessly. "New bad man " the new virus that is maturity of a kind of special charge, intellectual woman.

   "New bad man " 10 large tag

"Good man is similar, what bad man has each each is bad " , end, "New bad man " although unlike is good,types of facial makeup in operas is changed like the man, but the general character place that still has them.

Label 1: The eyes of unbridled. If you encounter such eyes to going up in the clique, best method is to disregard him, challenge him otherwise.

Label 2: Appearance is chill. Noticed, have not at " frowsty " , those who resemble a be modest about one's skill is labyrinthian, shift is full your appetite, arouse you to peep the strong desire of their heart world.

Label 3: long not bad, sex appeal, there is bit of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease on temperament, now and then the ripe female power that disposition of powerful to having mother conceives a little childish `````` is great.

Label 4: Amorous. Honey-tongued benefit reachs every woman beside, but won't be stationed in in certain place easily stay. Love criterion is, love her to be about to love to make her disgusting, do not love her to also want to make her heart crawly. It is amorous and rather than really loving.

Label 5: Have particular actual strength, the man that does not have actual strength does not have courage to make " bad " . Have certain intelligence quotient, the man with not tall intelligence quotient also does not have ability to make " bad " . If have a pair to know conduct financial transactions and the good head that lay money at the same time, can highlight the distinction with common man more.

Label 6: Be in alone like be fond of of beast of prey, "New bad man " the meeting on the body contains a kind of clear alone sense, occasionally expression is by be like those who do not have content is easy with aplomb. The most typical display is the apartment that he won't let you be moved into him.

Label 7: Modern identity. For instance abroad experience, noble profession? ? Hep all socialization are formal apply adept. But they open the door, purpose that pulls open seat to have only to the lady: He needs so the appearance of a gent.

Label 8: In amative activity, always appear with the attitude of a pair of almsgiver. The model professions: "Calculated you to marry with others later, we still are best friends. " implication, he marries with you innocently with your go to bed of purpose.
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