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Should marry to search " bridal secretary " the bagatelle in handling marriage f
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2008 is conjugal height year, a lot of and marry relevant industry also emerge as the times require, bridal secretary is among them. Marry the secretary helps, this coke became bad to marry busy the bridegroom bride of confused and disoriented.

Yesterday, zhengzhou girl Xiaobai receives one only business again, side bride goes into the street purchase bridal articles for use. Small white it may be said is provided alone a mind which perceives both past and future, she did " bridal secretary " , handle the bagatelle in marriage technically for the bride. In let while the bride gets beauty and pleasure, she also gain " happy money " .

From begin to prepare things to purchase arrive again marriage celebrate banquet, arrive again to toast honorarium from next post fete receive friend sending guest, "Bridal secretary " design of assistant of appropriative finish marriage, figure, formal guidance, psychology seeks advice wait for multiple part. "Bridal secretary " Xiaobai says when accepting a reporter to interview: "Every attend a wedding, the bride that looks at nervous ado, bridegroom is below my help plan, go happily, I can feel oneself job already happy significant. Most gain 1500 yuan. Most gain 1500 yuan..