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The men and women differs 6 years old to marry the idealest
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According to " round-the-world science " normally, the man can marry younger than oneself wife, the woman chooses old man to make the man. But is this kind of choice to suffer culture, genetics to return be an environment to drive? Is there age of a first-rate to differ between husband and wife? Newest research makes clear, the Finnish Sa rice before industrialization a group of things with common features, the man should be married smaller than them woman of 15 years old is wife, such is helpful for that multiply for oneself more descendantses.

The ecological home Samuli Helle of university of library of Finnish earth Er says: "Lifetime of Sa rice person marries only, after the age difference of the husband and wife in studying marriage of Sa rice person bears unborn influence to the family, we discover, if marry smaller than him age female of 14.6 years old is wife, young wife can bear more children successfully for the husband, their offspring can live to be 18 years old at least above. Their offspring can live to be 18 years old at least above..

The impact that leads to eliminate modern medicine to progress to survive to children, investigator carries inquiry 17 live in Wuciyaoji, Yinali to mix to 19 centuries dust 700 husband and wife of Nongtaijie reached in church record afore-mentioned results.

However, the man that there is 10% only in these 700 pairs of husband and wife and wife were to have first-rate age difference. In be opposite, 700 have a man to marry big his woman of 20 years old is wife, also the woman was married bigger than oneself husband of 25 years old, overall average age difference is 3 years old. Helle says, marriage of more and more Sa rice person did not show first-rate age difference, of likelihood and their marriage consuetudinary the social element such as the capacity that raises the home with reindeer is concerned.

But the biggest factor that the birth age of ultimate woman is influence offspring survival rate. Publish in " biologic communication " the research paper that go up points out: Young woman is in usually, can bear the children that gives more health. Marry old woman to be wife, perhaps marry to get much man greatly than oneself, it is pair of success birth worst.

The other research that is in Sweden makes clear, ideal birth matchs is a man marries smaller than him woman of 6 years old. But, culture has been changed to marital limitation. Helle points out, "Fortune, be in (Sa rice a group of things with common features) a the mainest factor is in marriage. Love does not have any effect almost. Love does not have any effect almost..
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