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Love needs passion but also need sober
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Nowadays, many people have such cognitive turn: Be certain when love, falling in love at first sight is love, be matched for marriage is low, marriage is rear comprehend elder " be matched for marriage says " be full of philosophic theory.

Actually, no matter when the be passionately in love before marriage fall in love at first sight, when still living after marriage eventually old depend on each other, it is the love need between man and woman, love needs passion to irrigate already, also need to be treated calmly.

   Falling in love at first sight is a youth more

Fall in love at first sight and abandon the see love of the portal feels yes the normal reaction of young men and women, what dominant effect has inside this is passion and impulse, deduce love romantic thing then. Men and women of passionate guiding youth walks into conjugal hall, need the part increase that enact, original passion and impulse are changed infirmly, change into responsibility and work of have a youthful look of sober dominant marriage gradually, the surface of need of young men and women that forms a family is mixed to bearing children the important task of support old person. Eat and drink pull scatter sleep, tea of fuel sauce vinegar, all cannot resemble do in that way before marriage " swing palmar ark " and " stretch one's hand gens " .

Accordingly, the life after marriage becomes no longer romantic, and the blame with real need takes on. As a result of a variety of pressure of real life, plus the conflict of habits and customs of young men and women, at this moment young men and women is unavoidable remember elder member of family at the outset " be matched for marriage " academic, often be immersed in " if I mix such-and-such marriage, the room has a car, much province thing " in be being encircled quite suppose.

  Elder people also had experienced so

Elder people also be from young when come over, the marriage of elder still perhaps goes through falling in love at first sight. Think now elder " be matched for marriage says " have philosophic theory you, can become the elder member of family of homiletic posterity completely later, that's what it all adds up to. Accordingly, marriage is such, lean before marriage with " fall in love at first sight " the passion that is a delegate leads " encircle a city " , after marriage by " freakish " those who be a delegate " be matched for marriage says " puzzle, be about to rush " encircle a city " .

Actually, this kind of feeling resembles the person's desire, did not get, it is good forever. Although " be matched for marriage " got, also meet yearning " fall in love at first sight " ; " fall in love at first sight " and " be matched for marriage " hold concurrently, also have euqally after marriage " 7 years urticant " with psychological desire disease.
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