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Prague spring does not have Kafuka
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Have over there in the winter warm, but do not roast meat however hot sunshine, have the national theater of person of be awed of resplendent and magnificent, air, have the Fu Erda with wave crystalline light made of baked clay river, saw Lei Jiqiao, also saw the Shiteleiciji that lies in the river silently island, how listening to such description are you enchanted? Whether should travel have a good swim one time?

What blue, dissocial Kafuka can'ts bear old the city zone is noisy miscellaneous, moved gold alley house number the room of 22 water blue is abandoned go composing. Gold alley is inside Prague castle area, with east the old the city zone of the bank lay between a Fu Erda made of baked clay river, enter by the old way that enter a town east the door, cross inclined inclined ramp, crossed toy museum not far, right one abduct, arrived. This narrow alley has old Shi Zhuanlu, the room of multicoloured is abandoned side by side and stand. These rooms are abandoned already became more nowadays sell handicraft to taste the shop with artwork, oneself no longer metallurgy master settles here. Life vicissitudes of life, the golden age of metallurgy master already was Lu Daofu of Caesarean emperor of 16 centuries Rome after all the thing of 2 worlds. The tourist of gold alley is especially much, it is fall pluvial winter is not exceptional also. If centenary before, here has had the word of so much person, so Kafukaduo also won't be moved partly come here to compose.

The rain of drop of the sound of rain, gradually big rise, wind also ground of make sth dry or cool of make sth dry or cool is blown blowing, I want to be in the turning point of gold alley to look for a lee place, look up, it is cafe of a card blocking a husband.

The bridge that check put in order is a very grandiose bridge. Cost the Shi Qiao that 60 age month finishs, full-length 516 meters, wide about 9.5 meters, of the person that the two side of the bridge prop up 30 honour emperor statuary. I feel its unlike bridge, resemble park of a statue, one is built in the flag park on the river. The somebody when dusk is selling a painting, brilliant street band acts in passionate the earth's surface, this is a tourist's more than local bridge. Although if knit,check tourist of manage big bridge, but I still prefer simple and unadorned Lei Jiqiao, the island in the river that still has bridge of auspicious of thunder of the move that prop up -- Shiteleiciji island.
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