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Condition swim 5 big cities are the most beautiful hotspot
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  London stands

  Wear same money dress with star

As shop mad, the time that goes to London had better be being vacated one day goes Bicester shopping village.

Bicester shopping village is located at Oxford suburb, from car of drive of London center the city zone only 1 hour, the country with distance the most beautiful England only a few minutes of distance, as the first shopping village in European practice, also be the diamond on imperial crown of CHIC chain shopping village.

When taking a walk along attractive landscape highway, people can move back and forth at 100 luxury brand shop, find the MULBERRY vanity with classical style, or watch of high-quality goods of a TAGHEURE, perhaps be in again shop excitingly orgiastic hind, go seek by inquiry silver-colored stone racecourse, still can not take the advantage of clearance to clean out elegant antique in WOODSTOCK definitely, overcome even Victoria · shellfish Chinese Mu, Yi Lisha white · He Li, often also clean out treasure to here. Of course, need not be frightened by the honor of these star and do Windowshop only. Should write down so that with respect to can easy grace with below 3 principles the ground rambles only bazaar: One, the eyes that does not care about an assistant to be looked up and down up and down. 2, do not want cowardly at trying on all new design. 3, say smilingly to counterjumper: This does not suit me! Be at ease, here is low to the 4 discounts that fold, the star that lets your break even and you like wears a dress together.

Ramble tired, go the astral Ba Keli of rural style nods a delicate afternoon tea, the gent belle of come and go also is the scenery line of a rare. Can close to swim into a day with Oxford group.


■ highway: M40 freeway is exported 9 numbers.

■ railroad: From station of London Mary Lebone (every 20 minutes) with station of Birmingham Moor Street (every 1 hour) only then hair. There still is regular bus to be able to receive you in Bicester North Station send to Bicester shopping city.

   Paris stands

  Let all temptation come

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