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Honeymoon swims 10 big popular line give a security small stick person
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The Spring Festival should arrive again, the new personality it may be said that the end of the year swims honeymoon to be together centrally at the Spring Festival is not little. In this very extraordinary time, need to choose pattern of a kind of go on a journey that fits him mood. Will be loosened with this rush about long already body and heart, salute advent of a new year. But where should choose to serve as oneself destination after all?

3 inferior brigade

When when northland a thousand li 10 thousand lis of icebound, snow wave, 3 inferior this hot earth still green meaning is abundant, warm wind raids a person. "Abroad scene fastens, the four seasons of willow of the four seasons is beautiful. Nobody meet with the passing of time, see peach travel Ji Suihua only " . This poem depict that Ming Dynasty fines jade the city knows government office way 3 inferior the four seasons if spring, the distinctive and natural landscape with pretty scenery, already by people wide to circulate, here also becomes travel heat this year.

3 inferior clew of go on a journey

1. clothings should be taken suck sweat, breathe freely, wash-and-wear dress, it is good to carry bursa on the back to also should choose permeability as far as possible. The dress need not be taken too much, can wash the dress in the evening, work certainly the following day.

2. area is nice prevent it is good in 40 above, water proofing property to bask in an index prevent bask in frost, the medicines and chemical reagents that prepares ailment of some of precaution heatstroke, stomach even, midge does not bite wait for the liquid medicine that prevents mosquito bite.

3. arrived the seaside does not swim is disappoint having a place really beautiful scene in a good day, did not forget to take a swimsuit certainly so, swim looking glass of cap, water, bath towel, slipper. Some hotels offer bath towel, slipper, that can save bit of strength.

When 4. eats seafood, should notice right amount, ask easily to the person of protein allergy especially not devouringly.

5. books a respect in airline ticket, go at present Hainan 3 inferior airline ticket is very nervous already, and the price can continue raise, suggest the tourist is booked as early as possible through website of special travel business affairs.

6. is in hotel side, suffer " 51 " the effect that the golden week cancels, this year during the Spring Festival 3 inferior house price rises generally than in former years 10% above, and at present the hotel has been booked for the most part, the proposal chooses young brigade to abandon or domestic hotel.
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