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Honeymoon drives You Jiaxing to ramble
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Draw line oneself: Shanghai- - fine promote- - on the west pond- - Shanghai

Tourist attraction of along the line: Lake stone skin does kind of Fu Tangli to plough south Xue Zhai of canopy of corridor of Tang Laifeng bridge lies Long Qiao wineshop honour of garden happy state hears hall of emperor of 7 master shrine on the west bridge of the show that get ring installs a graveyard creek of 5 blessing bridge.

Journey amorous feelings: Fine because of,promote south lake and famous, since ancient times celebrity comes forth in large numbers; The pond has distinguishing feature of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes on the west, of primitive simplicity and Qing Ling, the corridor canopy that has overall length close kilometre, only then the Wang Xianqiao that is built at Song Dai, narrow and deep and remote long Shi Pi lane. Area of this circuitry scene is located in Shanghai Hangzhou freeway along the line, closer from Shanghai, drive oneself, public traffic is very convenient, age two Ji Zuiyi, amorous feelings of considerable and humanitarian historic site, a region of rivers and lakes.

Journey brief introduction

Shanghai - fine promote

Set out from Shanghai, drive Jing Shenzhuang to go up oneself Shanghai Hangzhou freeway travel, stand in maple short for the Jinghe River hand in place turn into westing of 320 nations line, can come fine promote the urban district. The journey 90 kilometers. Additional, in Shanghai Hangzhou 18 lis of bridges establish the freeway hand in the freeway below place, along suddenly north of road of princes and dukes also can come all right fine promote the urban district.

Fine promote - on the west pond

Piece fine promote the urban district, along 320 countries east make an appointment with 12 kilometers all right, can arrive all right to the north after Hong Fulu on the west pond ancient town. The journey 39 kilometers.

If come directly from Shanghai on the west pond, can walk along Shanghai Hangzhou freeway, the high speed below place is reached in big Yun Li, next the edge talks about highway (direction of north and south) north to 320 countries all right, after seeing the pond indicates a shop sign on the west, by the directive north goes can come.

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