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Honeymoon swims Japanese Tokyo shops strategy
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Wanted to spend the New Year, is the Spring Festival swims often is the new ground in you jumpy? Taking the advantage of the Spring Festival to swim to spend, during travelling of course shopping is hard to avoid. The Spring Festival goes to Japan, appreciating exotic view, return the fun that can enjoy come back with fruitful results.

ATM is widespread convenient extraction yen

Be in Japan, the ATM that can pass passageway of Chinese silver-colored couplet to extract yen has 46 thousand about, accordingly, must ensure on the belt one piece of silver-colored couplet borrows write down card. 1/3 is made an appointment with to be able to use silver-colored couplet to block extraction yen in ATM, if the ATM machine of SEVEN bank is in,the 7-11 that is full of an ave to be able to be found has in convenience inn, and it is Chinese operation page, very convenient, the time expenses of whole drawing is controlled in 30 seconds probably, the rate with home is euqally rapid.

Still have very convenient is postal deposit, there is a network in more outlying area, also can use silver-colored couplet to get stuck above extraction yen. Still have even if the ATM that bank of UFJ of Tokyo of 3 water chestnut, Mitsui stays in friendly bank, beautiful banner bank can use silver-colored couplet card to take now.

Hairpin can understand to take showing poundage collection case to the ATM outside the condition all right before the journey sets out. At present bank of an ancient name for China is the cheapest, everyday before 3 do not need poundage. ATM meeting collection of Japan the poundage that every 75-110 yen differs.

Large market shops brush passageway of calorie of couplet taking silver

The collaboration that Chinese silver-colored couplet is in Japan business door has exceeded 3000, enclothed Chinese tourist basically often the business of patronage door, be like street of original electric equipment of Tokyo double ended radius sleeker -- , the first selection place that the Chinese buys electric equipment product, in Tokyo double ended radius sleeker at present shop of former Yodobashi electric equipment uses silver-colored couplet to block the consumption that brush card to be able to enjoy the privilege of 10% , among them 5% for duty-free. Still have silver the department store of area and new old area -- ,

Tokyo is famous 3 jumping over general merchandise of house of general merchandise of general merchandise, tall island house, loose slope to wait is the point that the Chinese reachs what high-grade brand cosmetic, dress, portfolio buys to wait for commodity after Tokyo and new constellation surely. These places can brush silver-colored couplet to block consumption, and still can be in bazaar drawback. If encounter dozen of fastigium that fold, still can clean out in these general merchandise bazaar admire long already brand product in the heart, can let you surely small excitement.
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