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The heaven of honeymoon of winter Tibet winter
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Beautiful Lhasa river

Celestial being sufficient island and the Potala Palace

Sheer travel busy season, lhasa goes in the winter, go crossing a New Year of lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality together with Lhasa person, experience one snow the enthusiasm of region highland. What the Lhasa in the winter does not imagine like you is so cold, tall latitude and enough sunshine give the brings ten degrees by day air temperature of Lhasa, also control in zero in the evening, warmer than a lot of northward places. And the climate of Lhasa is dry, won't have gloomy and cold feeling, basking especially comfortable.

   Take line of an individual character

Individual character circuitry: Lhasa - accept wood is wrong - Ban Ge - Ni Ma - language department - Sang Sang is pressed down - Sa Jia - day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion - Ni Mu - Lhasa

So labyrinthian ground passes through music and that day area of criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting, it is for language department, this is located in benzene to teach holy lake to should offend the Tibetian country by the side of Yong Cuo, big highland barley Tian Zaizhan's blue lakefront is outspread, the golden set off of the crown of the year is worn the dress with Tibetian woman luxuriant colour, reap at the same time when them when singing at the same time, you can feel to come to heaven. Pass through beautiful Tibetan room and classics long narrow flag, of that Aegean blue puzzled my double eye and soul, companion aphonia say: "Why don't I know to go even Greek? "Why don't I know to go even Greek??

Still have Tibetan north of course the distance scene of that prairie and the surprise that see ass of sheep Tibetan antelope, Cang Ye everyday, lin Cuo of the 2nd big light green also won't let Tibet you are disappointed, still have the great vicissitudes of life of Sa Jia temple, and the process with the Ni Mu sweet Tibet that make and attractive odour.

   Store calendar year line

The Tibetan past years 2008 is in with the Spring Festival of the Han nationality same day. Hide calendar year to basically have very dinkum traditional folk-custom inaccessibly too in Lhasa now, those belong to the flow that hides calendar year to still can see in the country only, the bonfire edge in countryside and Tibetan a singing and dancing is orgiastic, the Sa Huan that crossed to break away from city culture be contaminated year.
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