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Marine theme vogue is bridal
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Remember a lot of people in one's childhood dream even if go reading the ocean, a lot of people were full of to the sea yearning with the illusion, whether had when marrying, you wanted to hold a marine wedding? Marine theme is bridal, all show the romantic interest with infinite originality, follow marriage new personality is yearning in the depth of the heart a long time ago azure.

Conch of of all kinds and ground of conch strive to be the first are acting the part of bud, this bundle of wedding exalts the aesthetic feeling that the flower shines at the moment to the person, accord with the theme of beach wedding already, do not have interest again.

The eye of everybody is looking attentively at the happiest bride, she wears bundle of bosom not to have aglet marriage gauze, ivory fabrics line goes the skin with bridal bright and clean health; Inlaid hair acts the role of pearl and crystal the head gauze with tie-in elegant back; The rose in the hand with lily-white tonal with integral makeup allows harmonious echo. Pulling the arm of father warmth, beautiful bride is ablaze come on stage.

Beach life

The invitation of 1. wedding is contain marine amorous feelings spell a plan. The guest that is invited is met most receive those who tell bridal date to spell a plan first, can receive to tying the elegant ceremony case that briny La Sheng writtens guarantee subsequently, fill inside full beautiful pebble and invitation letter.

2. For the gift that the guest that come from afar prepares. Include briny Taffy, contain the candle of marine fragrance, toilet soap, and the postcard of Xin Zexi coast that has local distinguishing feature.

The bethel on 3. island is located on a beautiful beach. The wind-bell that sea urchin and sea star string together is hanged on branch, get gate deck warmth clinking.

This decorate of bridal whole with pure and fresh seawater is blue, pure in vain and beach gold is fundamental key, adorn natural and chic conch, driftwood and seaweed. Let all these show show originality, the feeling with upright and unafraid gout comes.

To sea greeting

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