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Cang Xiaotie of winter honeymoon You Xi person
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You Xi hides winter honeymoon, escape travel height, in two the individual's journeys, from the air that it can experience more in the bottom of the heart, its dream. Just go to winter Tibet still needs us to notice a few safety, look marriage is still young make up the hint that brings for you:

The winter swims Lhasa attention

The winter of Lhasa can is faced with really anoxic dangerous, the person that takes highland to first time especially. Need to shift to an earlier date so a week does some of precaution, eat red red-spotted stonecrop for instance, and reduce the campaign with extremely expensive intensity moderately. If fly till Lhasa, after deplaning, cannot act at high speed, even if encounter,thief also should be not chased after. Calm is gentle, thinking your breath. After arriving inside city, take a taxi as far as possible, if baggage can ask driver help again relatively.

Moreover, want to have a common heart to Lhasa, ha, did not think Lhasa does not catch terrestrial dust, here is the provincial capital city of churchyard of a China after all, it has everything the city is necessary, and it still also is society of a commerce, although it has its unique flavor, can satisfy you to go vacationing all psychology of the journey and action demand.


Cap, but sunshade. Best two, it may not be a bad idea of cap of suburb pedestrian pirate is used.


Eider down is taken reach heat preservation dress.

Tall waist mountain-climbing or pedestrian shoe. Best slightly a bit bigger, can wear two pairs of socks to may put large cushion.

Glove. If film,had better deploy Bao Hou two kinds.

Sunglass, must have, prevent ultraviolet function.

Prevent bask in frost, need euqally in the winter, unless you think oneself,be indifferent to.

Protect hand frost. Necessary.

Embellish lip frost, the men and women all needs.

Heat preservation cup facilitates drink water at any time. Tibetan area is daily drink water more surely.

Wet paper towel, face-cloth reachs the paper that encircle a canister.

Individual complete set washs gargle to use an opening. Comb of toothpaste of towel tooth brush bathes relevant things is waited a moment, pure belong to private do.

   Be aimed at a lady:

Protect wet model face film, had better stick every night.

Scarf. Very be necessary.

Diminutive water and electricity is amphibious if heat preservation bag has optimal, it is OK in the evening to be reached on the road use.
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