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Pat seascape marriage gauze to go to Yantai beautiful scenery of approach of ice
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"Will quickly look! Ice hangs marvellous spectacle in succession 3 days to did not melt, too magical. " yesterday morning, jing billows pats the seaside of seaside scene area of the Chu Qing after snow bank, seaside road a gleam of comes below Yantai foot of a hill oneself, be as long as those who count kilometre to protect the bear on column full the ice that has half meters many tall about is hanged, string together small Bai Luobo to be hanged on iron chain like a string simply, sunshine is illuminated, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, beautiful Huan of United States annulus, magnificent is attractive.

Ice hanged marvellous spectacle to attract numerous tourist and citizen to stop watch. Although the air temperature yesterday is low,come - 8C ° , live in urban Yo Lin Lu 5 Zhao Huizhen's aunt, still call daughter-in-law and granddaughter to come round to see Hai Shangbing. The marriage that just held wedding to weekday new personality, see such beautiful scenery, also cannot help inviting cameraman, be in what Jing billows takes a bank to foil below, leave the message " pure and noble " newly-married souvenir. It is to say to prepare to pat seaside marriage gauze illuminate more to sweethearts.