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Lasting love hall: Liang Zhuwen transforms a park
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Liang Zhuwen melts park statue

Liang Zhuwen melts park statue

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Park introduction

“ green jade is careless Qing Qinghua blooms, colour butterfly Shuang Feijiu wanders, through the ages is eulogized love deeply, liang Shanbai and bridge of ……” of Zhu Ying stage wish the story is one of 4 big folklore of Chinese, be known as the Romeo of “ east and Juliet ” . Be apart from already had 1600 old histories today. Ning Bo is the birthplace of Liang Zhu story, with Liangzhu love story gives priority to the Liang Zhuwen of the problem to transform a park, it is the first large love theme park of countrywide.

Liang Zhuwen changes a park to be located in tall bridge of division of state of Yin of peaceful wave city to press down, wish seat of location of Gu Wei of grave, temple for Jin Dailiang. According to account of numerous historical data, liang Shanbai is person of the Eastern Jin dynasty, with Zhu Ying stage 3 carry schoolfellow, ceng Weiguan coulds there be at Zhejiang wave Yin county (namely division of nowadays Yin state) the county makes, because of administering Yao Jiang accumulating fatigue dies of illness after, life of involuntary discharge of urine buries Yu Gaoqiao 9 dragon ruins. 1997, relics of Liangshan uncle barrow and unearthed relics wish in bridge the park is disentombed.

Liang Zhuwen changes a park to be culture connotation in order to propose Liang Zhuai condition, with Liang Zhu bridge of grass of “ of reason business division becomes ” , “ 3 carry 18 photographs of schoolfellow ” , “ to send a high building of ” , “ to encounter Hua Dieyong of ” , “ accompanies ” to give priority to tourist guide line, cover an area of a face to accumulate more than mus 300, form the love theme park with a baronial dimensions. Upturned eaves becomes warped temple of bridge emperor gentleman, by an arch over a gateway, main hall, hind hall composition, imposing manner extensive grand exquisite ancient stage, have wonderful opera show constantly, let you be intoxicated in the love of lingering red sorrowful. On labyrinthian corridor, bridge wishs culture tablet Lin Lin stands, the whole nation's famous calligrapher keeps precious treasured scrolls of calligraphy or painting here, your person gasps in admiration incessant. To it not far read academy of classical learning, booth stage pavilion, lean on column waterside pavilion, antique court is built, can appreciate the view of Changjiang Delta gardens. The bridge in reading academy of classical learning wishs the data displays a house, the valuable data that revealing rich Liang Zhuwen to change intention and objective. Learning fast of house, Xian Shitang, painting and calligraphy all is the ground of the assemble of tourist and guest of bookman Chinese ink. Implicative Wan beautiful happy, bridge wishs hall of the means that 18 photographs send, avalokitesvara, farmhouse an affectionate couple stops the tourist attraction such as palace, reflect bridge adequately to wish great affection, show trait of choiceness of of primitive simplicity of Changjiang Delta gardens, be personally on the scene letting a person, be appreciative its affection, stay to forget to return repeatedly. Yao river riverside, weeping willow is supple, green shade be like blanket, butterfly love garden inside, hua Xiangdie dance, in pairs is right the variety that has dance lightly butterfly, symbolic move comes this pair to affection the energy spirit that loves a lover. Be located in the Zhu Jiazhuang of Yao river bank, gorgeous, carved beams and painted rafters, deduce a high building that remember to the end of one's life to meet, still have the moving music that drifting then, leave the far with infinite later generations to think of with deep feeling. The sculpture of bridge Zhu Huadie that there is lofty whiteness in musical square, wave wave desire celestial being …… this is a collect travel, culture, recreational, learning, activity the Ning Bo outskirts of a city at an organic whole is large the ground that travels scenic spot.
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