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Olympic Games year Jiangchen starts wind of Olympic Games of marriage gauze phot
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2, athletic agitation sweeps across 08 marriage gauze

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, bearing the weight of compatriots the grand meeting of hundred years dream, gave countless people expect. The most beautiful hour in saying feminine lifetime is when she becomes a bride, can in the history the most brilliant hour becomes the most beautiful bride, more exciting. because of such, olympic Games and marriage gauze two view subject of the extraneous that be like fine long hair the gauze of Olympic Games marriage that clever connection is together got pay close attention to.

At first sight is beautiful fencing is taken, scrutiny the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket changed delicate drape, be vividly portrayed of imply restoring ancient ways, and originally bland collar, be changed exaggerated is big turndown, increased costly temperament, this is the marriage gauze that fencing takes a style; Be cultivate one's morality originally is ice dancing formal attire, cut out because of the affiliation of silk of crystal, bud and exquisite however, let ice demon became beautiful bride, gauze of a marriage glacial dance is so magical was born; Agile tennis is taken, bustle of exaggerated be affiliationed, the gauze of tennis style marriage of lively leap lets a person at present gauze of Olympic Games marriage basically applies …… of itch to try to film in what gauze of Olympic Games marriage illuminates on, become from the beginning of the year up to now the most welcome marriage gauze.

   Gauze of each different marriage has color not merely white

Purple marriage gauze

The white marriage gauze of pure beauty, it is the to marriage gauze calm case in a lot of popular feeling. In fact, be popular in fashionable dress bound with Chinese element relevant, red with black, red with white bold hit scene, appear in the popular element of marriage gauze, open the fashionable way of a profusion for marriage gauze: The gauze of marriage hitting scene of the red that is aimed at young and fashionable bride and white, the gauze of marriage hitting scene of the red that is aimed at classic and temperamental bride and black, the gauze of marriage hitting scene of the black that is aimed at romantic and temperamental bride and white is waited a moment, all marriage gauze are preserving the element of the most classical tradition, be in again ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Be said as Yaohanjialiyanuo of fashionable Great Master, vogue does not have formulary forever namely, changing marriage gauze should be fixed idea of white, bold try the marriage gauze that hits scene, who says marriage gauze is not fashionable?
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