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Marriage gauze lives according to the trend
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As dress same, marriage gauze is illuminated also have apparent fashionable sex. The marriage gauze before be being taken out is illuminated, can feel very earth; Marriage gauze of before be being taken out two years is illuminated, meeting discovery also fell behind. This is just like a fashionable clothing two years ago, be being taken this year is outdated. Marriage gauze is illuminated also is such, meet every year changing as tide of vogue, culture.

Setting: The alignment is natural

Friend small lake should marry, must marriage gauze is illuminated did not go however shadow building, call professional cameraman to drive however went red former. On the llano of length and breadth of land, finished to new personality oneself make complacently.

The senior cameraman of building of shadow of gauze of a marriage tells a reporter: “ now, new personality pats marriage gauze to if have the word of time,be illuminated, general metropolis chooses to go tourist attraction or outskirts, and the professional cameraman that photography is asked shadow building. Illuminate according to the marriage gauze that come out so not only natural, and more romantic. ”

Yes, today's marriage gauze is illuminated more and more press close to lives. Previously, the marriage of new personality is illuminated film in shadow building, a lot of new personality do not wish to stay in scratch one's head of the “ in studio to do appearance ” nowadays, will film the site changes however scenery the nature of happy person, with La La's day, blueness green meadow, blooming flower serves as setting, all show oneself individual character and originality.

Gauze illuminates a lot of marriage to originate actual matrimony, in the kitchen that some photographs pick Jing Zaixin's person, film two people add up to a hand to cook, make food, wash a bowl, have a plenty of two people to get online jointly, see bride of book, motion, bridegroom frolic each other the new personality in …… photograph is wearing optional household to take even gown of bedgown, bath, but the picture is elegant, vivid, be full of appeal. More interesting is, a few new personality illuminate marriage gauze take a story, invite bilateral parents, friend to attend, regard drama as medium leading role, how are they acquainted two people the bosom friend loves each other, till the setting of the hall that takes marriage one act act films come down, as permanent souvenir.

Marriage gauze illuminates modelling previously is not you look at me, it is my cuddle is worn you, look very artificial. And present marriage gauze is illuminated, a lot of POSE are achieved oneself, for instance dress marriage gauze jumps tango, bicker of ” of “ young couple plays, still have what cook together even.

Modelling: Concise simple but elegant

Besides the choice of setting, on dress and modelling, gauze illuminates present marriage to also compare deflection concise, no matter be,making up still is modelling, do not want too multifarious.
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