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Olympic Games year Jiangchen starts wind of Olympic Games of marriage gauze phot
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3, accurate new personality: Movie original poster plays Olympic Games card, angle individual character not follows suit

As the drawing near of the Olympic Games, olympic Games wind also blows fiercer more. This flatus blew the door that marriage gauze photographs likewise. At present the shadow building of a few cities rolls out the characteristic marriage gauze that gives priority to a problem with the Olympic Games to photograph. This burgeoning style broke the style of gauze of traditional white marriage, change move move is very. White gauze of bridal the top of head, the foot steps on a football, bridegroom wears ceremonial robe or dress, defend the style with goal so optional …… closely, also labelled while the record is happy special time.

Case of such according to the set price of gauze of Olympic Games marriage also divide a certain number of shelf, all valence is controlled every sets in 2000 yuan, achieve 40 thousand yuan highestly. Controller of some shadow building tells a reporter at the lady, the marriage gauze with high price is illuminated main expensive go up in dress, normally the hire of a high-grade formal attire is controlled in 1000 yuan.

Because be an Olympic Games year, building of shadow of much nowadays home gives Olympic Games shop sign to contend for the market to also be hit in succession, charge of building of few number shadow may be more unusual, professional personage reminds newlywed person, when patting marriage gauze to illuminate, do not want to chase after Olympic Games wind blind consumption.

The competition of the market makes consumption more Anacreontic change, consult before lesson, proposal people of a new type signs relevant detailed rules content before filming marriage gauze is illuminated, for instance a few kinds of outfit of a few layette, styles, choose a moment every pieces price, in order to avoid needless issue.

Additional, be aimed at business chance of the Olympic Games on the market is at present stronger and stronger, individual businessman even what thing should lean toward the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games is told to all businessmen is a rare chance, but the model of written characters that is not any consumption to be able to hit an Olympic Games casually, suggest broad consumer reason is consumed, business chance of Olympic Games of make use of of vigilant and individual businessman cheats customer.

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