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Marriage gauze reflects a style analytic
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Choice marriage gauze should know the disposition of oneself and other in part and external form before photography company, favorite style, the meaning that had better ask next one good friends

See. . See their picture next, or it is to browse marry magazine, marry the sensory effect that the advertisement on the webpage sees that one have your ideal

If really! Because of different marriage gauze company or cameraman, film the marriage gauze that come out is illuminated, having different feeling, can divide roughly for the following style.

Keep a tradition: Suit not to know or unsure oneself whether the newlywed person that has distinctive show. Lifting normally film gimmick, won't behave too boast

Zhang Huo is bold.

Times photo: Suit exterior temperament to have the newlywed person that the times feels quite. Normally expression comes out to have times beauty and wild beauty quite. Some meetings have

Bold sexy modelling, impressions is top-ranking. .

Charming is spruce lively: Suit young the newlywed person that reachs red-blooded feeling. Go taking the vigor move of new personality with relaxed gimmick, show green impayable beauty.

Life comedy: Suit to love to play love laugh, the new personality with rich expression. . Modelling is simpler, film in order to compare relaxed skill normally, film piece

Will can resemble seeing the part inside drama anthology.

Romance restores ancient ways : Suit nobility or appearance appearance to have the newlywed person of classic beauty quite. Modelling is more luxuriant, the effect also compares reservation to feel exquisite romance.

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