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Olympic Games marriage year drive marriage celebrate cloth art upsurge
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Business company on August 19 dispatch on August 8, become because of a grand occasion extraordinary, a lot of new personality contend for photograph choice to be registered in this day. Will be destined to make the peak period of newly-married in August then.

Every are the family that is about to constitute to plan enough, rich and generous household articles for use in the metropolis before marrying to new personality. Among them, cloth art product is antenuptial grand opera, no matter be indicative and lucky, still be achieve outstanding video result, these the action of cloth art cannot small gaze.

It is on the choose and buy of cloth art product, basically be curtain, marriage the bedding that be reached.

In the past, red is regarded to be newly-married advocate make facial expression. As the product the grow in quantity of optional choose sex, the youth left the trend of choose and buy of echo what other says, go after the product of distinctive, individual character even more.

Leave before bright red cloth art product, so let us have a look what to product replaces his now?

Curtain of ” of cloth of the first “

The curtain regards a house as the one part of soft outfit, have very main ornament effect, if the integral style of the room slants simple but elegant, can choose relatively bright-coloured color, for example what peachblossom or pink fasten is striped series, let a space become distinct, rise to adjust thereby action. If the whole of the room is tonal relatively lively, can choose weak yellow, weak pink to wait.

Because be to marry,be used, so the tradition of according to Chinese, still choose relatively festival color as far as possible more appropriate.

Besides colour, the style of the curtain is relatively diversiform also nowadays, among them 3 kinds relatively general.

Pure cloth curtain: Alleged pure cloth is a cloth, the design and color that should choose to like only but, the floret cloth majority of very much rural style is pure cloth, can dress up hut very sweetly, the curtain of cloth of this kind of monolayer is relatively contracted.

Lining cloth of double deck gauze: The curtain of double deck gauze more only beautiful, gauze reelection lining cloth can be chosen first when the choose and buy, the color of lining cloth is configured according to his be fond of, common market or brand shop can have matched inside inn, to the client one consults, also a few storefront can prepare graph book to choose for the guest. The curtain of double deck gauze suits bridal chamber bedroom quite, build romantic smell.

Monolayer gauze lining cloth: This kind of collocation contrasts atmosphere, by day block a gauze, prevent sun direct illuminate, make indoor light downy. Put in the sitting room, have fashionable flavor quite, also do not miss the contracted atmosphere of the sitting room.

Marriage of ” of cloth of the 2nd “ by
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