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Water overflows sweethearts garden, build division of 3 great respect
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One of major project that area of scene of lake of lake of incredible yesterday connecting with the boxing skill transforms plan of project of enlarge of Xuan Wu Hubei gets online fair show. Plan to show, boreal enlarge project will according to “ south the train of thought of ” of a region of rivers and lakes, undertake be transforminged thoroughly to sweethearts garden landscape and landforms, project gross area makes an appointment with 36 hectare.

At present black Wu Hu is surrounded 3 times by the city wall, block up the close feeling of water and city, surface of lake of will incredible connecting with the boxing skill enlarges project of this north enlarge further, optimize pattern of lake of incredible connecting with the boxing skill, make the water system inside sweethearts garden and black Wu Hu are communicated, lead surface way of close dragon coil on the other hand, make a person more accessibility surface, enhance hydrophily. The space that helps close lake and city concerns, change before because black Wu Hu disappears the current situation of the lake in the wall that 3 place that be surrounded by the city wall create, reflect Nanjing landscape truly the urban characteristic of city forest.

Area of scene of boreal enlarge project includes “ colorfully decorated lantern to coagulate south ” of lunar ” , charm of “ landscape affection, “ art circles ” 3 parts. “ colorfully decorated lantern coagulates lunar ” is the building on a group of water, the following function is to act art, marriage celebrate salon, tea art, characteristic retail. ” of charm of “ landscape affection is with what at present flowers highway makes for axes one group is built, the urban sitting room that main and appropriative tourist recieves. South “ art circles ” is located in boreal enlarge project most the east, will use as in the future characteristic art grooms center, small theater, gallery, cafes is waited a moment.

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