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The length that 9 big the most fetching far think of sends female star
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Fir of Wei of money of Taiwan female bit: " meteoric garden " cany Tang Jing, once she is hair of advertisement of Zhou Huimin shampoo is vicarious, it is good that visible hair has many character.

Astral model puts outback daughter on the ice: Her hair looks very luster, long hair neat waist develops feminine taste.

Zhang Ziyi of outback female star: Elegant the mark that long hair is chapter belle all the time, send qualitative pretty good still drop.

Zhou Huimin of Hong Kong female star: Jade daughter begins to take shampoo ad before a lot of years, elegant the mark that straight hair is her all the time.

Big S of Taiwan female star: She is with her hair all the time be proud, still have an eccentricity, do not let others touch his hair.

Mo Wenwei of Hong Kong female star: Protruding of long wavy hair shows wild beauty of Mo Wenwei.

Zhang Baizhi of Hong Kong female star: Her what just went out hair is first-rate, special luster, long hair makes she looks a little puerile still.

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