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The summer changes two kinds of long straight hair hair skill
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How To

1. combs the hair backward, but do not need to comb too closely, bind a simple horsetail next.

2. takes out horsetail a handful, circling next bind hair place to twine, obscure elastic, can present more elegant simple sense.

3. is caught, the fine edition that wears jewelry sends band, can promote gentle temperament more.

4. is final, use needle end combs the top of head bind hair Gou Peng, such hairstyle ability won't be too formalist, lateral line radian just is met more beautiful.

RelaxedBagThe head also is not afraid of the burning hot high temperature of summer again

How To

1. does not comb hair nature capture orderly be inning binds a very tall horsetail among the top of head painstakingly, increase handsome feeling.

2. pulls horsetail use close comb continuously by go up to blow the hair splash downward, follow-up Baotou can look more natural, fleeciness.

3. arranges hour hand to wrap horsetail Fu to rise, if the hair is longer the person can turn circuit is secured with hairpin next, twine again next.
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