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Suit those who wear glasses MM to make up skill
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The person that wear spectacles for nearsighted persons

The lens of glasses can make the eye looks be like contractible, emphasize eye ministry because of when this makes up, answering. But eye line drawing deep some thicker, make the eye expands somewhat, of lens glance action is met the trace after line drawing of corresponding and abate eye is drawn.

Eye shadow colour with pure had better, rich eye picture quality will be abate the figure of the eye. Palpebral brim place is going up to use image of deep coffee eye when making up, transfer to fall to eyebrow slowly next, the depth that had better use image of the eye that be the same as color changes, if wait to coffee gradually from deep coffee. Because picture frame and lens added facial additional content, eye makeup must relatively concise with pure. Roll eyelash and catch eyelash fluid very necessary to smallish eyelash, but if your itself eyelash is very long, after catching eyelash fluid easy come up against lens to go up, can make the line of sight punch-drunk.

The welcome examines pop chart of eye shadow product

Wear the person that make the same score smooth glasses

Dai Pingguang glasses or degree are lesser the female of glasses, make up should make change a bit according to picture frame, at this moment the figure that glasses can regard adornment foil as you and temperament.

become angry glasses person

Adorn become angry when glasses, the simple warm color shift on general besmear or bright pearl lubricious look the shadow is relatively appropriate, because the depth of lens changes,colour of meeting cross-eye ministry produces an effect, earth turns into gray below rufous lens like blue eye shadow, and shadow of eye of the red on besmear fell to be become in lens Brown. Another kind of method is a draw line giving a look, make the eye has a mind more, and elliptically the action of eye shadow.

The welcome examines pop chart of eye shadow product

The welcome examines pop chart of look line product

Lens of metallic fine rim is worn

Look gentle beautiful, make up to depend on mainly meticulous, concise and pure. Look line or eye shadow are beautiful with brown fundamental key, miscellaneous Mao Xiuqi of watchful general superciliary, use be close to superciliary eyebrow pink to be brushed gently most, outstanding eyebrow, fluctuation eyelash coils slightly, brush on black eyelash creams. Labial color is the shallow orange with quietly elegant, light amaranthine what reach Duan Li with pink is bright red give priority to, whole area makeup the temperament that behaves a kind of decorous Qing Li.
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