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Lone MM cannot not see the horror that can eat off sweet love geomantic (below)
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The 3rd kind: Behead waist evil spirit

A building is subterranean parking lot certainly below the building normally, this cultivate land of average car leaves this passageway of the parking lot, the likelihood is in same mouth, won't say to just be in the left and right sides of a house, if call behead lumbar evil spirit so, the love that expresses you is met behead waist.

The 4th kind: Defeat lens evil spirit

It is likely in the home of wealthy person there still is enclosing wall outside this house, general meeting has pool before that or flower nursery, this flower nursery should be a circle, otherwise with respect to half moon; Half moon just cuts an in part among its flower nursery make it normally, was like a mirror to defeat, this makes defeat lens evil spirit; If so if, still fill at once rise, from which cut the past to state you can break looking glass.

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