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True person sets an example 8 hours to be not taken off makeup recipe
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Measure 1

It is to make up above all water. Make up cotton is making up soak in water, next inside Tu You and outside go up in the face. Use next make up the opposite of cotton brushs leather fat to secrete more T area and nose.

Measure 2

Besmear the latex on the face next. Especially easy and dry place wants the latex with Tu Shangbao wet higher power and eye white all round cheek and eye. Also can prevent so makeup.

Measure 3

Besmear be about to besmear after the latex bottom makeup. Pour liquid pink heart in the warmth in control to besmear again first go up in the face, use foam rubber or plastic next even daub leaves. Can make so powdery bottom more joint skin, won't be float only in skin surface.

Measure 4

Want to be not taken off makeup, a of bottom makeup important principle is powdery bottom fluid or pink no matter namely, quantity must little! If be powdery bottom fluid, it is better that defect of block of liquid of the reoccupy after Tu Wanzhi is strengthened. The word of face powder also is necessary to use block defect cover the full of stains or spots dot on the face. Anyhow, breathe to make skin normal, scarcely wants Tu Taihou!

Measure 5

Besmear had better be brushed after bottom makeup on medicinal powder pink, thin thin enough, the skin Bai Li that lets you is fully red!

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