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Lone MM cannot not see the horror that can eat off sweet love geomantic (on)
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The first kind: Your bedroom is exceedingly long and thin

We tell general bedroom had better be quadrate or briefly rectangle did not concern, but the bedroom that is like you is quite long and thin, live inside very Gu empty, very Gu is cold, the person also becomes dissocial. So automatical inside your manner, the speech between the lover that follows you, get along, fly more more far collect, so if encounter this kind of situation, you think method is lain between at once, for example says to lie between bathhouse, it is OK to perhaps lie between another storeroom, do not want a this 麼 sky is empty.

The 2nd kind: Your house is like a hole

Taiwan word says a hole, this kind states gas is in entirely below, this kind of house lives long, not be to be swung to be to be able to throw a person, instead most after can have a state to be opposite namely.

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