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Good and evil people mixed up of marriage car market is careful to be hired at h
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Several days ago, ought beBreath out cityThe day of great rejoicing of gentleman of the Song Dynasty, but the head vehicle that wedding chooses lets bridegroom however very make a heart. Had not waited receive close, head car because be suspected of spelling outfit, smuggling,be left by policeman ministry door catch, xiaosong is forced to change temporarily car. Nowadays marriage the market that celebrate a car has car of a few lengthen is to break the law go all out of outfit, because discern hard, often by accident marriage.

13 days, the reporter visited marriage of haing town much home to celebrate a company. As we have learned, at present marriage the basis that celebrate a car of model and design different and conjugal day, The priceAlso each are not identical. Hire valence to want highestly to belong to new fund lengthenBold horseJeepCar, the appearance of ten meters chief automobile body, bully gas, get young newlywed person fully love, Hire valence7000~8000 yuan, even if is marriage the ” of “ easy life of a small family that celebrate, also control in 5000 yuan. It is lengthen nextLincolnCar, because this model is in haing city the amount is more, the price is relatively a few cheaper. If be in ” of “ easy life of a small family, hire price is in 1500~1800 yuan between, catch up with price of car of ” of “ great time to want to go up to 2000~2500 or so yuan. And commonRun quicklyCar, be in about 400~700 or so yuan.

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, in haing city marriage of a lot of lengthen celebrates a car in the center, one fraction is to spell outfit car, but charge of dispatch a vehicle celebrates a car to was not distinguished with normal marriage, becauseRent a car
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